January 25, 2013

Tufts suspends 27 lacrosse players

By Jesse Connolly

On Wednesday, Tufts University officials published a letter in The Tufts Daily that indicated an investigation into inappropriate behavior at one of their women’s volleyball games this past September had concluded.

The school determined that unacceptable behavior indeed occurred and that the parties involved would be reprimanded. The offenders? The school’s own men’s lacrosse team. Their punishment? Twenty-seven members of the team have been suspended for two games in the upcoming season.

According to Boston.com, an op-ed was written in September by a Tufts student, Rose Barrett, who was a spectator at the game against Smith College. She described the lacrosse players as being drunk and loud, and indicated in a phone interview that the sexist and racist remarks they directed at the players that day left Barrett and those around her scared “because the comments were so explicit.”

On top of their two-game benching, each lacrosse player has been asked to writer letters of apology to the Tufts and Smith coaches and players.

The letter to the editor, courtesy of Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Students John Barker and Director of Athletics Bill Gehling, stressed that there’s “no scenario within collegiate team sports that would support the use of race or gender as the basis for jeering, heckling, or taunting members of a team.”

The letter also indicated that any student guilty of violating the Tufts Student Code of Conduct will fact the judicial processes of the Office of Student Affairs.

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